Made in Switzerland


Xemtec is an important player in the implementation of eneregy and water management systems 100% responsible for the fight against climate change. Our system provides a comprehensive and centralised flow management for the industrial and residential sectors.

  • Answer legal obligations
  • Reduce leakages, frauds and other failures
  • Educate stakeholders
  • Make proactive consumers
  • Start concrete actions in the field

We give our customers the possibility to :

  • Being perceived as innovative
  • Bring the difference to a dense market
  • Provide added-value services
  • Use a reliable and centralised tool

With 15 years of innovation, we managed to make network reading simple, transparent and accessible to all.

  • Collect information from the field
  • Ensure data validation
  • Analyse and interpret results
  • Determine consumption profiles
  • Adopt a responsible energy comfort