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Data Management System

We provide 98% coverage of your meter network and secure data communication on your server. The key to globally manage a network (without replacing the existing infrastructures) lies in a solution that :

  • Is easy-to-install by the end user
  • Reads optically any type of meter
  • Communicates via existing and future networks
    (GSM, 868, LoRa, NB-fi, Sigfox, Bluetooth, Wifi, LAN, Ethernet, etc.)
  • Secures collected data
  • Analyses the results to create knowledge

In addition to the following advantages, competing solutions (magnetic pulse detector and amperometric clamp) cannot provide an absolute value unlike the Xemtec solution.

  • Existing infrastructures valorisation
  • Plug&Play installation performed by the end user
  • Low investment costs compared to a total replacement

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